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APRIL 2015 - Paintings at Pour Farm Tavern, New Bedford MA - Come by for AHA! Night on Thursday, April 9th to meet the artist!


JUNE-JULY 2015 - Paintings and Prints at Mom and Pop's Tattoo Art Gallery, Fall River MA - Showing alongside two other local artists; Opening reception: June 28th from 3-8 PM


NOVEMBER 2015 - Paintings and Prints at TL6 the Gallery, New Bedford - Featured as the "artist of the month" with an opening reception on AHA! Night


TBA - "Down the Rabbit Hole" Show

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"If you can dream it, you can do it."

-Walt Disney





38" x 56" - conte and charcoal on paper, mounted on board

"This piece that you see before you would not be possible without Nolan. Depicted on the left is my brother and how I remember him lying in the hospital bed and then in the coffin that I helped pick out. I have drawn myself beside him, holding on to his body and not wanting to let go of him. He could be sleeping, but I will not stop staring at his face so that I can remember every detail in case he should disappear. A pomegranate lies in the grass above our heads—a symbol of death in Greek mythology. As in the tale of Hades and Persephone, once a person takes a bite from the pomegranate they must spend an eternity in the Underworld. Nolan has obviously tasted the forbidden fruit and lies in a funereal pose. Have I also eaten from the same pomegranate and am I waiting to join my brother? Or does it just lie where he left it? Either way, “Bury Me” is about the overwhelming and unexpected loss that has consumed mine and my family’s lives. Speaking for myself and possibly my entire family, this drawing describes the strong desire to be buried with Nolan

so there is no need for goodbyes."


My brother, Nolan, passed away on July 18th, 2014 from a brain aneurysm. This piece is one of what I believe will be many that I will create in his honour, out of my love for him and our shared passion of art

and all forms of creativity. 


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My family and I are also accepting donations to help create a scholarship in Nolan's honour. Any help that you can give matters! Click on the link below to donate now:




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